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Lent is the Church’s season between Epiphany and Easter in which, we as the Church, in both joy and  sorrow, proclaim, remember, and respond to the atoning death of Jesus. One of the ways we do this, proclaim, remember, and respond, is reflected in our commitment to being Jesus’ disciples.

This Lent we will be studying the book of James. James, the brother of Jesus, is known for his practicality. He seeks to lay out for us the implication of following the risen Jesus. Each week we will be looking at James’ specific directions for facing the many everyday challenges that come up when we take our discipleship seriously. 

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday on February 14

We will be having a service that Wednesday at 7:00 pm with imposition of ashes.


HolyWeekBAnner copy.jpg

Palm Sunday

March  24

9 & 11 am

Maundy Thursday

March  28

Dinner at 6 pm

Service at 7 pm

Good Friday

March  29

7 pm


March  31

6 am, 9 am, 11 am

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