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The leadership of our congregation is an elected board of elders (The Session). Each elder leads a team that focuses on a specific ministry area to forward the mission of Jesus Christ. The following is a list of our current elders and their related ministry. 

Scott Anthony

Clerk of Session

Sallie Matthews

Elder of Family Ministry

Jackie Magana

Elder of Children's Ministry

Sharon Rose

Elder of Community Concerns

Chuck Hampton

Elder of Personnel

Larry Hall

Elder of Nominating Committee

Norman and Stephen Deichler

Elder of Property

Gary Ventimiglia

Elder of Adult Discipleship

Mike Bryant

Elder of GPS

Diane DeMay Howard

Elder of Mission

Tom Leo

Elder of Finance

Bev Hershey

Elder of Worship

Jason Wijesuriya

Elder of Youth Ministry

Dana Peterman

Elder of Membership

Amy Chipman

Elder of Fellowship

Bobbi Van Every

Elder of Stewardship


The Deacons are the lay pastors of our congregation. They are the caring, supporting team. Every member of First Pres. is assigned one or more deacons who come along side in times of celebration as well as in times of need. Deacons are assigned according to location. 


Lisa Caton-Largent

Area 1

Arild "AJ" Jensen

Area 4

Jay Sherbon

Area 7

Ann Tyler

Area 10

Janis Brown

Area 13

Reid Brekke

Area 16

Blane Goldwater & Melody Penter

Area 2

David & Lingga Oka

Area 5

Shasta Elgin

Area 8

Marc & Veronika Netter

Area 11

Mary Lou Pennington

Area 14

Jay Sherbon

Area 17

Suzie Leo

Area 3

Jake Peterman

Area 6

Linda Barnes

Area 9

Lori Nitz

Area 12

Kitty Hampton

Area 15

Lee Morain

Area 18

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