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Get Connected by Growing in Your Love for Jesus Christ Through:

Get Connected by Growing in Your Fellowship with Others:

At First Pres. we have many active fellowship groups.

Get Connected by Finding a Place to Serve:

All of our below Ministry Teams are led by an elder on Session and are in need of volunteers to serve.

  • Adult Discipleship 

  • Children's 

  • Community Concerns

  • Family 

  • Fellowship 

  • Finance 

  • Membership 

  • Mission 

  • Outreach 

  • Property 

  • Stewardship 

  • Weekday School 

  • Youth

Other Areas to Serve:

Places where you can use your skills and talents toward serving God.

  • Little Dresses for Africa (sewing dresses for children in need)

  • Office Volunteers

  • Pew Maintenance 

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry (making shawls for those who are sick in our community)

  • Sunday Morning Ushers 

  • Sunday Morning Greeters (outside of sanctuary)

  • Sunday Morning Welcome Squad (in parking lot) 

  • Willing Weekday Workers (helping to maintain church grounds)

  • Homebound Visitation 

For more information about any of these opportunities at First Pres. please call the church office at

818.360.1831 to be connected with the leadership team in the areas of your interest.

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