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The God Who Sees

Hello Church Family,

Are you familiar with the beautiful and powerful song entitled “The God Who Sees?”  It is sung in the land of Israel by Nicole C. Mullin  and directed by Kathi Lee Gifford.  If not, you won’t want to miss it! It takes us from Hagar a slave, to Ruth an immigrant, to David a king who hid in fear, to Mary Magdalene who suffered with mental illness and needed healing.  At the end it refers to the “ring of fire” which is taken from Zechariah 2:5 referring to the supernatural line of defense and God’s glory and protection.

May we never forget, our God SEES and KNOWS exactly where we are right now this very moment…the wilderness, the brokenness, the loneliness and the frustration. He’s there!  May we bow our knees to our Lord.  I hope you enjoy it.

Blessings in our Redeemer and Savior,

Sue O’Connor


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