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Six Ways To Respond In this Uncertain Time: Part 1 CONCENTRATE ON PRAYER

Dear Church Family, Recently I read an encouraging article written by Dr. David Jeremiah entitled, “Six Ways To Respond In this Uncertain Time” Below is a summary of what he shared with a few of my own thoughts sprinkled in. We will begin with # 1 of 6. I included a selection of different songs (praise/hymns) one for each day. I hope they will refresh and renew your soul. Most of them have words with them so feel free to sing along!

CONCENTRATE ON PRAYER ~ Let’s take a look at the very desperate but confident Judean King Jehoshaphat. In 2 Chronicles 20:1 it describes the situation. A vast army-the Moabites, Ammonites, and Edomites- were closing in on Judah! Now look at verse 3 and see what he does. “Alarmed Jehoshaphat resolved to inquire of the LORD, and he proclaimed a fast for all Judah.” Don’t you just love the word “resolved?” Are we resolved to go to God when we begin to worry and fret? The people in Jehoshaphat’s time did just that! They came together to seek help from the Lord! The king recognized that they had no power against this great multitude that was coming against them, but God did. If you want to know how God responded and how the battled ended, go to 2 Chronicles 20 and find out. It’s a fabulous and quite exciting slice of history! Like Jehoshaphat, we stand in the midst of uncertainty, but it’s really not uncertain because we have an unchanging God. A God who is in control! Amen?


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