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Psalm 46:10

Dear Church Family,

We all know Psalm 46:10 (Be still and know that I am God) but do we practice it? 

What comes to your mind when you think of being “still?” When I think of “stillness” I think of resting and not striving.  I think of calmness not anxiousness. Do words like being sure, certain and not doubting come to mind when you think of the word “know?” And how about the word “God?” Who is God? How would you describe Him?  To help me understand who God is, I like to go to the books of Psalms, Habakkuk, or John or anywhere in the Bible for that matter, because I know I will find Him there! He is holy, He is my protector, He is the all-powerful mighty one. He’s my El Shaddai. (My all in all.) 

During these challenging and “unknown” times, remember God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) Let’s go back to the very beginning of the Psalm.  Before the psalmist talks about the earth being removed and the mountains being carried into the midst of the sea and the waters roaring, he begins with WHO God is. A refuge and a strength and very present in our times of trouble. 

There was once a story about a king who announced a contest challenging all the artists in his kingdom to paint him a picture of “peace.”  Many paintings were submitted and most were of calming waters, rainbows, fluffy clouds, pretty flowers and butterflies. All except one. It showed rocky mountains, trees bending over from the fierce wind, lighting all around indicating a huge storm.  When the king looked at it he was confused and perplexed.   Why would an artist paint a storm to illustrate peace?!  But when he looked more carefully he saw a mama bird and her babies tucked inside the cleft of the rock totally protected from the storm. The artist won the contest! The king realized that peace doesn’t always mean there won’t be challenges and obstacles to overcome. There will be storms in life.  But God our peacemaker, will be our protector and sustainer in the midst of the storms of life. 

Read the rest of the Psalm paying particular attention to verse 9 “Come and behold the works of the LORD...” Now see how the psalmist ends it. Who is with us? Who is our refuge? God- the bookends of this Psalm and of our faith-keeps us together just like bookends keep books together so they don’t fall off the shelf. We aren’t going to fall. We are being held by our mighty God. So be still. Know who God is.... and rest.  

I like to end with a song. This one is directly from Psalm 46. May it serve as a worship song for you. Please click below:

In His Loving Service,

Sue O’Connor


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