FPCGH Treasure Hunt

Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Hi Families of FPCGH,
Are you looking for an activity to get out of the house this weekend? We are too! How about a fun social distancing treasure hunt for the whole family? Pile into the car and search for words! These words will be placed in a window or door that is easily visible from the street, so you can all stay in your car. When you find all the words, they will string together to make the Bible verse Matthew 6:20. Talk to your kids about what it means to "store up your treasures in heaven." End up at the Kosters' home to find the treasure (a.k.a. individually wrapped bags of popcorn and m&ms). Come on, you didn't think we would leave out the treats, did you?
The treats will be left outside on the Kosters' front porch. For social distancing reasons, please send only one adult out of the car to pick up the treats.

You may go on this adventure anytime this Memorial Day weekend (May 23-25). It is open to all families--no matter your age! Feel free to text or call Rev. Christina Chambers at (979-220-9324) with questions.





Jake & Dana Peterman

17243 Flanders Street

Granada Hills, CA 91344



Mike & Lisa Bryant

11342 White Oak Avenue

Granada Hills, CA 91344


“for yourselves”

Eric & Karen Miller

10349 Petit Avenue

Granada Hills, CA 91344



Rob & Julianna Price

17246 Germain Street

Granada Hills, CA 91344


“in heaven”

Tom and Sam Trainor

17450 San Jose Street

Granada Hills, CA 91344


“Matthew 6:20”

First Presbyterian Church of Granada Hills

(office area)

10400 Zelzah Ave

Northridge, CA 91326



(i.e. m&ms and popcorn – all individually packaged)

Bob and Sheila Koster

10524 Garden Grove Avenue

Northridge, CA 91326


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10400 Zelzah Ave. 

Northridge, CA 91326 


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