First Pres Pals

A Secret Santa For Advent

The “First Pres Pals” is a fun activity to help the congregation stay connected over the holidays. It is also a way to get to know other members. You can register online or in the church office. You will be asked to fill out an information sheet for your family. Family ministries will randomly pick your “Pal”. You will be notified by email or snail mail of your Pal and given their info sheet. The activity will run for ten weeks starting the week of December 1 and ending with a reveal activity in February in our fellowship hall(hopefully).

A few rules-

1. This is not a competition to outdo someone else.

2. Don’t fret if you a miss week!

3. To avoid being seen, you can drop off “Pal” surprises in the church office to be picked up or can be delivered by another member.

4. Your contact can be as simple as a note or a bigger surprise like a pizza delivery.

5. Keep in mind this is not a competition! Remember “giving” is more rewarding than “receiving”.

6. Do what you are comfortable doing! You don’t need to spend $.

7. If you need help with ideas, supplies, etc. contact family ministries

Some suggestions-

Notes, handmade card or kid’s artwork, donation to a charity in their name, gift card (don’t forget church scrip), Christmas poinsettia dedicated to your pal, share a joke, homemade cookies….use your imagination. You do not need to spend $$!


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